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Program Highlights
• Home games to be played at Cary High School
• Cary Pop Warner provides all practice and game equipment (except cleats, mouthpieces and socks )
• Pop Warner certified program with an outstanding safety record
• All coaches are required to complete USA Football Heads Up Certification
• Divisions are determined by age and weight for safety (see below)
• Approximately 8 regular season games per season (plus optional bowl/play-off game participation)
• Season runs from Aug 1 thru mid to late November

Program Divisions
Cary Pop Warner offers the opportunity for participants from 5 years of age to 14 years of age to play football in the league.
Cary Pop Warner provides opportunities for participation in football in four age/weight divisions.
Please note the age/weight limits and comments for each program. AGE IS AS OF JULY 31, 2017.
Tiny Mite:
Ages 5, 6 and 7 weighing between 35 & 75 pounds.
The intent is that 7-year olds would play Tiny Mite. Exceptions given if the player weighs more than 75 pounds or the association does not field a Tiny Mite team. Tiny Mite, for the most part, is a child\’s first year participating in tackle football.
Mitey Mite:
Ages 7, 8 & 9 weighing between 45 & 100 lbs.
Mitey Mite is strictly a training division and although the score is kept, the emphasis is on learning, completely free of any pressure to win.
Jr. Pee Wee:
Ages 8, 9, & 10 weighing between 60 & 115 lbs
Age 11 weighing between 60 & 95 lbs.
Jr. Pee Wee is the first division that is closest to full-blown tackle football. Coaches must stay on the sidelines. High school rules are followed with some exceptions. 11 year olds who would qualify as an older-but-lighter player in Pee Wee should strongly consider staying in Jr. Pee Wee.
Pee Wee:
Ages 9, 10, & 11 weighing between 75 & 130 lbs
Age 12 weighing between 75 & 110 lbs.
Unlimited:  Ages 11-14 weighing at least 105 lbs
If a player leaves their Pop Warner team to play middle school football, they may return to their Pop Warner team at the conclusion of the middle school season if agreed on by the head coach of the Pop Warner team and the Cary Pop Warner Commissioner.
Required Documentation for Registration-
The Pop Warner Program places an emphasis on good sportsmanship, safety and scholastics. The completion and submittal of additional paperwork will be required to finalize your registration. The following forms and information are required.  Visit the “forms” tab to download your required forms.
1. Participant Contract and Parental Consent- This Pop Warner document is the basic registration form and contract signed by participants and their parents agreeing to the rules of Pop Warner. Additionally, by signing up with Cary Pop Warner, families agree to the Association’s Code of Conduct, which will be provided when you register.
2. Physical Fitness & Medical History Form- This Pop Warner form is a signed statement from an examining physician licensed in North Carolina that a candidate is physically fit and there are no observable conditions which would prohibit his or her participating in football. Please Note – The Physical Examination must be on the Pop Warner Form and dated within the current year – after January 1st of the current year.
3. Proof of Age- A copy of the birth certificate is required. Passports may be used as well as Military ID cards.
4. Scholastic Fitness- You must provide one of the following: The most recent complete report card (containing all four quarters of grades and the final grade for the previous year), a completed 2017 Scholastic Eligibility Form, or a 2017 Home School Form are required.