If you have questions about what team your child should play on based on their age or weight, click here to view the 2017 Pop Warner Football Age-Weight Matrix.

Cary Pop Warner expects mutual cooperation, your time, and courtesy. If you’re new to football, Cary Chargers, and/or to Pop Warner, we recommend you review the following to understand what you’re getting into. You’re getting into a great program, but one that requires a lot of time, energy, and commitment — and it only works when we work together, so please read on. . .

  • Practices begin on August 1stThe first few weeks are not a great time to take a vacation, spend a week at camp, or miss practice for tackle or flag.
  • The first weeks of football are comprised of conditioning. CFF & Pop Warner rules require that tackle football players record ten (10) hours of conditioning time before engaging in practices with contact. Players who miss practice will not be allowed to participate in any contact drills until the ten (10) hours of conditioning is attained.
  • During the first 3-4 weeks, tackle football players likely will practice 5 days a week. Typical practice time is from 6:00 PM until 8:30PM. A practice cannot last longer than two (2) hours of active practice. It may run longer overall to facilitate breaks.
  • Throughout the regular season (after Labor Day), practices are limited to three (3) days per week for the Mitey Mites, Junior Pee Wee, and Pee Wee Division and two (2) days per week for the Tiny Mite Division.
  • Football can be loud and strenuous. Football is a physical game with inherent dangers. With helmets and crashing and heavy breathing, it’s hard to hear. Coaches may shout – but before rushing to judgment on the shouting, listen to what they are saying. Loud doesn’t always equal angry. Our goal is to correct and encourage. Loud voices may be necessary for safety – ensuring players know their positions to protect their teammates and themselves.
  • Football is an exhausting sport. Keeping our organization running is a team effort. We will expect a lot of your time, support, and resources. The first three weeks are filled with many hours on and off the field for all of us. We will ask you for forms and absolute accuracy on items you may not think are important, but they are. You will be called-upon to volunteer your time and raise funds. Our volunteer leaders are committed to you, and we ask the same commitment in return.
  • And, while it may seem to go without saying, expect to be asked to follow the rules and act with courtesy towards your fellow Chargers families, coaches, and volunteers, as well as toward our visitors and opponents. Understand that we have a zero tolerance policy for actions that jeopardize the safety of any individual or our ability to provide a positive environment for Cary Chargers Football in our community. Part of registration requires agreement with a Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct can result in removal of adults and any children from the program.
  • If you have a concern, we require you to follow the chain of command. Start with your coach. Complaints, concerns, or issues brought to commissioners or board members that were not addressed with the coach first will be returned to the coach for attention. Of course, we accept compliments and offers for help at any time, at any level of authority.
  • No one in the Cary Chargers association is ever paid for the time, talents, or commitments to the organization – we are 100% volunteer-led and rely on registration fees, sponsors, fundraising, and in-kind donations for our operations. Our families, players, and organization make the Cary Chargers one of the best organizations in the area.

Required Documentation for Registration
The Pop Warner Program places an emphasis on good sportsmanship, safety and scholastics. The completion and submission of additional paperwork will be required to finalize your registration. The following forms and information are required. More information will be provided about collection of these forms.

1. Participant Contract and Parental Consent This Pop Warner document is the basic registration form and contract signed by participants and their parents agreeing to the rules of Pop Warner. Additionally, by signing up with Cary Pop Warner, families agree to the Association’s Code of Conduct, which will be provided when you register.

2. Physical Fitness & Medical History Form This Pop Warner form is a signed statement from an examining physician licensed in North Carolina that a candidate is physically fit and there are no observable conditions which would prohibit his or her participating in football. Please Note – The Physical Examination must be on the Pop Warner Form and dated within the current year – after January 1st of the current year.

3. Proof of Age- A copy of the birth certificate is required. Passports may be used as well as Military ID cards.

4. Scholastic Fitness- You must provide one of the following: The most recent complete report card (containing all four quarters of grades and the final grade for the previous year), a completed 2017 Scholastic Eligibility Form, or a 2017 Home School Form are required.